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6th February 2019

08:30  Registration

09:45   Welcome from IN-VR

09:55   Opening remarks by the Chair

10:00   Opening Speech by
the Ministry of Energy

10:15   Keynote Presentation: Introducing The National Office for Hydrocarbons and Mining

10:35   Presentation: ONHYM’s strategy

11:30   Morning Coffee Break

12:00   Presentation: Morocco as the one of the most prominent African oil and gas exploration regions; a Geological overview

12:40   Presentation: Morocco’s current Seismic Data and ongoing and seismic acquisition

13:10   Lunch Break

14:40   Presentation: What are the results of newly acquired, processed and interpreted 2D data?

15:10   Presentation: The Sedimentary Basins of Morocco that comprise the most promising hydrocarbon environment

15:40   Panel Discussion: Exploration Challenges and Opportunities in Morocco

16:10   Afternoon Coffee Break

16:50   Presentation: Who? What? Where and When?

19:00   Drinks Reception and Gala Dinner

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7th February 2019

08:30   Registration

09:25   Conclusion of Day 1 and
Opening remarks by the Chair

09:30   Presentation: SDX’s recent discoveries in Morocco

09:50   Presentation: The Tendrara licence: Sound Energy’s recent significant gas discovery

10:20   Panel Discussion: Morocco as one of the most important African oil and gas exploration areas; what makes Morocco’s hydrocarbon and energy sector so favourable to invest?

10:50   Presentation: A thorough analysis of Morocco’s onshore potential

11:10   Morning Coffee Break


11:40   Case Study: Morocco’s Mediterranean hydrocarbon potential

An analysis of Morocco’s actual potential and prospectivity offshore Mediterranean

12:00   Presentation: Offshore Morocco: The country’s most promising exploration area that has yet to fully reveal its opportunities

12:20   Presentation: How Morocco’s Hydrocarbons Code is the country’s key to attracting investment

12:40   Presentation: A thorough breakdown of the current contractual and fiscal regime around E&P activities in Morocco

13:00   Presentation: Putting the regional oil and gas infrastructure on the map

13:30   Lunch Break

14:30   Presentation: The highly-anticipated 5,660 km Nigeria-Morocco gas pipeline

14:50   Presentation: Extending the transportation network by connecting to the major pipelines, building modern facilities and developing strong international relations with projects

15:10   Case study presented by the Ministry of Energy: Gas to Power: An introduction to one of  Morocco’s most important projects to build an integrated plant to process gas to fuel the country’s surging energy demands

15:30   Presentation: How to maximise your involvement in Morocco

16:00   Afternoon Coffee Break

16:30   Presentation: Morocco’s
Energy Strategy

17:00   Panel Discussion: Morocco’s closing Panel focusing on Strategies, Synergies, lessons to be taken forward and the impact of the oil and gas industry in its energy strategy and economic bottomline

18:00   Closing Comments by the Chair

18:10   Closing Comments by IN-VR

19:00   Entertainment Night

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