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Sound Energy starts drilling new well in the Tendrara Concession

Sound Energy signed the 8-year Greater Tendrara Petroleum Agreement with ONHYM in late August 2018, uniting the areas granted by the Tendrara and Matarka licences and the Anoual petroleum agreement. As part of the agreement Sound Energy has to drill two exploration wells within 4 years.

North-East Lakbir: A new prospect

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Significant discoveries have taken place in the Tendrara concession in the last 2 years

The new well, TE-10, is part of the North-East Lakbir prospect and it is located 25 kilometres northeast off the future Tendrara production area. Production has started, and the drilling is expected to last 30-40 days, with a total depth of 2.200 metres.

Following its discoveries in the TE-6 and TE-7 concessions, Sound Energy is proceeding with quick, calculated steps to fulfil its obligations to ONHYM and make the most out of this opportunity.

TE-10 is aiming for a material TAGI stratigraphic trap and a smaller TAGI structural closure, as it is part of a play with volumes close to 2.7 Tcf mid case GOIP, 4.5 Tcf upside-case GOIP and 1.5 Tcf low-case Goip, according to information given to Sound Energy’s investors.

With the results coming in late January, Sound Energy will make important announcements during the 2nd Morocco Oil & Gas Summit on 6th of February 2019. Meet with Sound Energy and discover the new opportunities and information first-hand here.

Production in Tendrara and the Gazoduc Maghreb Europe Pipeline

Regardless of the TE-10 results, Sound Energy is proceeding with the construction of a gas treatment plant and compression station (CPF) and the Tendrara Gas Export Pipeline, connecting the discoveries with the Gazoduc Magreb Europe Pipeline. With the first gas coming in approximately two years, do not miss the opportunity to network with Sound Energy and key major oil & gas players at the 2nd Morocco Oil & Gas Summit.

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