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The Tendrara discovery - A history of Sound Energy’s triumph in Morocco

Morocco, Africa’s last frontier, is famous for its attractive oil & gas investment environment and huge exploration potential.

Morocco’s current hydrocarbon exploration developments, and immense oil and gas potential reveal a lot of available and future business opportunities.

The Moroccan sedimentary basins have many viable petroleum systems, brimming with hydrocarbon potential available to be accessed. To this day, only 338 onshore and offshore exploration wells have been drilled, 43 offshore and 295 onshore.

Morocco’s rich potential made ripples in 2017, when Sound Energy made significant discoveries in the Tendrara license. Meet with Sound Energy and discover new opportunities first-hand by attending the 2nd Morocco Oil & Gas Summit

Acquiring the Tendrara Licence

2nd Morocco Oil & Gas Summit, Sound Energy, Oil, Gas, Concession, SDX Energy, Sound Energy, Chariot Energy, Eni

Sound Energy is prominent in Morocco’s oil and gas industry. It is known as a growth-focused Moroccan gas explorer. In June 2015, Sound Energy acquired 55% of the Tendrara licence, assuming operatorship. The company signed a Field Management Agreement with Schlumberger, who agreed to fund a portion of the first three Tendrara wells and provide technical services, equipment and personnel to Sound Energy.

In February 2017, Sound Energy acquired a further 20% of the license, making it the holder of 75% in certain areas of the Tendrara exploration permit/

Discoveries that exceeded expectations

2nd Morocco Oil & Gas Summit, Sound Energy, Oil, Gas, Concession, SDX Energy, Sound Energy, Chariot Energy, Eni

When Sound Energy drilled TE-6, the first wel, in 2016, it achieved a gas flow rate of 17 MMscf/d, a highly commercial rate above initial expectations. The well was drilled to a vertical depth of 2.665 metres and encountered 28 metres of net gas pay in the TAGI reservoir, with flow achieved in both pres-stimulation and post-stimulation.

This was followed by a major success, as TE-7, the second well drilled, encountered a gas flow of above 32 MMscf/d. This flow was significantly above predictions, and almost double that of TE-6. The well has total contact length of 837 metres, including a 700 metres sub-horizontal section. Successful extended tests confirm the good deliverability of the TAGI reservoir and Sound Energy’s view of the field’s major potential.

Meet with Sound Energy at the 2nd Morocco Oil & Gas Summit. Register here

The Greater Tendrara Petroleum Agreement

Sound Energy signed the 8-year Greater Tendrara Petroleum Agreement with ONHYM in late August 2018, uniting the areas granted by the Tendrara and Matarka licences and the Anoual petroleum agreement. The new petroleum agreement will cover an area of 14.500 km, with Sound Energy holding 47.%, Schlumberger 27.5% and ONHYM 25%.

The new agreement is divided in 3 phases:

  1. An initial phase where two exploration wells will be dug over 4 years,

  2. an optional first complementary 2-year phase, to dig one exploration well

  3. And the third phase where the consortium will have the option to dig another exploration well over 2 years

Tendrara Production Concession

2nd Morocco Oil & Gas Summit, Sound Energy, Oil, Gas, Concession, SDX Energy, Sound Energy, Chariot Energy, Eni
FEED is underway for the CPF and TGEP

Sound Energy was awarded the production concession for the Tendrara licence. The total area covered by the concession is 133.5 km2 and includes the TE-6 and TE-7 wells, where significant discoveries were made.

This concession was awarded to the consortium formed by Sound Energy, comprised of Enagas, Elecnor and Fomento for the FEED and conditional construction, financing of all the infrastructure required, including the TGEP and CPF under a 'build-own-operate-transfer' structure.

In September 2018, the company announced the following parts of the development part:

  • Recompletion of the TE-6 and TE-7 wells, and drilling of up to 5 new horizontal development wells

  • the construction of a gas treatment plant and compression station ("CPF") and a 120 km 20 inch Tendrara Gas Export Pipeline ("TGEP") connecting the CPF and the delivery point to the Gazoduc Maghreb Europe pipeline.

  • first gas in approximately two years at an expected mid-case production rate of 60 mil cfpd over a minimum period of 10 years during which a potential of 10 to 13 wells will be drilled to maintain the production rate

With front end engineering and design ("FEED") underway for both the CPF and TGEP, the business opportunities are more numerous than ever.

Find out more about these opportunities first-hand from Sound Energy, by attending the 2nd Morocco Oil & Gas Summit. Meet SDX Energy, ONHYM, and all major operators at the 2nd Morocco & West Africa Oil & Gas Summit,the Official Summit for the hydrocarbons industry of Morocco. The event will take place in Marrakech from 6th to 7th February 2019.

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